VetIQ Toilet Training Aid

VetIQ Toilet Training Aid

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  • Volume 60ml

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VetIQ Toilet Training Aid

Toilet training can be stressful and frustrating for dogs and owners alike, but with the help of the superb VetIQ Training Aid you can take all of the anxiety and difficulty right out of the equation.

Proven as an effective aid to toilet training, the Vet IQ Training Aid is a specially formulated liquid designed to quickly and easily teach your dog where they should and shouldn't do their business.

Supplied in a 60ml bottle, the liquid has a scent which your dog will easily pick up and that they will come to associate with a proper place to go to the bathroom with proper training.

Able to be used both indoors and out, a few drops of liquid should be added to newspaper, puppy pads or wherever else you are using as the area for training your pup toward going outside to do their business. Your canine chum should then be taken to that spot immediately after meals and praised when using the area correctly.

Gradually moving the pads or paper towards the door and then outside will then quickly train your dog that the house is not their bathroom. To make your life even easier, a few drops of the Training Aid can then also be applied to an area of your choice in the garden, to train your pal to stick to using that spot.

Volume: 60ml

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