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Cat Teaser Ball
Cat Teaser BallThis green and red plastic cat teaser ball is a great toy for your cat. It is made ..
€1.20 €0.95
Ex Tax: €0.79
Dreamy Cat Bed
Dreamy Cat BedThey're not called cat naps for nothing you know, and this terrific Dreamy Cat Bed p..
€31.70 €12.95
Ex Tax: €10.70
VetIQ Healthy Treats Flea Guard for Dogs & Puppies
VetIQ Healthy Treats Flea Guard for Dogs & PuppiesHealthy treats flea guard from Mark & Ch..
€4.15 €3.80
Ex Tax: €3.14
2 in 1 - Bath & Groom Brush
2 in 1 - Bath & Groom BrushA solution to one of our challenging grooming issues 'How to get soap a..
€9.60 €8.70
Ex Tax: €7.19
Beaphar Lactol Feeding Syringes
Beaphar Lactol Feeding SyringesInvaluable for anyone lovingly rearing a very young, small or weak ..
€7.45 €6.00
Ex Tax: €4.96
Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Junior
Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier JuniorComplete feed for dogs - Specially for Yorkshire Terrier puppi..
€16.49 €15.20
Ex Tax: €12.56
Coachies Treat Bag
Coachies Treat BagThe Coachies Treat Bag is perfect for storing treats when you are training your ..
€12.65 €11.50
Ex Tax: €9.50
Clix Long Line Lead
Clix Long Line LeadAn important aid for use when recall training, the Clix Long Line Lead is extre..
€24.40 €14.90
Ex Tax: €12.31
Arthri Aid Tablets 120 Pack
Arthri Aid Tablets 120 PackArthri Aid is a nutritional supplement for cats and dogs which has been..
€74.65 €62.95
Ex Tax: €52.02
Based on 1 reviews.
Beaphar Ear Drops - Dogs & Cats
Beaphar Ear Drops - Dogs & Cats - kill ear mites (Otodectes Cynotis)Excess wax, debris and p..
€7.65 €5.80
Ex Tax: €4.79
Based on 4 reviews.
Bob Martin All in One Dewormer - Small Dogs & Puppies
Bob Martin Clear Wormer Tablets for Small Dogs & PuppiesIt is essential that you treat your puppy ..
€9.30 €8.65
Ex Tax: €7.15
Nino Ottoson Dog Treat Maze Interactive Dog Toy
Nino Ottoson Dog Treat Maze Interactive Dog ToyENGAGING & GREAT FOR SOLO PLAY: The Treat Maze is a..
€20.60 €17.55
Ex Tax: €14.50
Johnsons Super Plume Spray
Johnsons Super Plume SpraySuper Plume New ready to use pump spray. Enhances and beautifies natural..
€5.70 €4.95
Ex Tax: €4.09
Beaphar Calming Spot On for Cats
Beaphar Calming Spot On for CatsProven as a way of reducing stress, promoting calm and reducing th..
€11.20 €9.00
Ex Tax: €7.44
20 Poop Scoopy Doo Bags
20 Poop Scoopy Doo BagsPack of 20 doggy poo bags for the safe disposal of your dogs waste.Pack Q..
€2.50 €2.20
Ex Tax: €1.82