Scratch & Play Catnip Mat

Scratch & Play Catnip Mat

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  • Depth 2cm

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Scratch & Play Catnip Mat

Help your feline friend to keep their claws in perfect order and to have plenty of fun while they do, by treating them to this sensational Scratch and Play Catnip Mat.

Designed to be hung from a hook, door knob or wherever else you desire, each brilliantly interactive scratching toy includes a handy hanging rope, specially textured mat and ever-so-beguiling hanging feather accessory.

That fabulous feather accessory is certain to get your cat interested and even after that starts to lose its charm, the premium quality catnip included within the mat will definitely keep their attention.

All of that means that your cat will have hours of fun with the 49cm long (including hanging rope) and 10cm wide mat, and that they will focus their scratching attentions there rather than on your sofa, curtains, carpets or anywhere else you'd rather they didn't.

Dimensions: 10(W) x 2(D) x 49cm(H)

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