Rosewood Stainless Steel Non-Slip Cat Bowl

Rosewood Stainless Steel Non-Slip Cat Bowl

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Rosewood Stainless Steel Non-Slip Cat Bowl

For most cats dinner time is simply the most important time of each and every day, and this stunning Non Slip Cat Bowl is a vessel that even the pickiest of pusses will love to eat from.

A great way to treat your own furry friend or a thoughtful present for that cat lover in your life, each eye-catching bowl is expertly crafted from stainless steel. That gives it both an impressive durability and strength, as well as striking mirror-like shine that can't fail but catch the eye.

Around the base of the bowl, meanwhile, is a rubber rim which is specially designed to ensure that the bowl will not slide around no matter how enthusiastically your fierce feline attacks their dinner. That makes life much easier for your pet and also means that you won't be in danger of mistakenly kicking or stepping in their bowl if it's been moved somewhere you didn't expect.

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