Rosewood Puppy Pads

Rosewood Puppy Pads

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Rosewood Puppy Pads

Make house training cleaner, easier and less stressful for both you and your new puppy, by using these specially designed Puppy Pads.

A must for any dog owner who's just making their way with a new pup but also great for older or ill dogs who might not be able to always make it outside. These Puppy Pads are super absorbent and lock in moisture to help protect your carpets and floors.

Measuring 56cm square, when used for toilet training, your pup should be trained to use the pad rather than do their business anywhere else and be rewarded when successful. You can then begin to gradually move the position of the pads toward the door in order to eventually teach them to go outside when needed.

Sure to make house training much easier and to limit the amount of cleaning up you need to do, the superb Puppy Pads are available in packs of seven or14.

Dimensions: 56 x 56cm

Quantities Available:

  • 7 Pack
  • 14 Pack

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