Pet Hunters Large Pet Tag

Pet Hunters Large Pet Tag

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Pet Hunters Large Pet Tag

The Pet Hunters Pet Tag is a simple, safe and cheap way to tag your dog or cat in case they get lost or go missing. If your pet goes missing or gets lost, the pet tag provides a simple method for the finder to let you know where you can recover your pet.

When you receive your pet tag, you go to httpss:// to activate it. Here you will enter two mobile phone numbers you can be contacted on (1 is a backup number) and select the language you would like to receive the text message in. It's that simple.

If the person who finds your dog speaks another language, it's no problem. The text message will be translated for you.

The dog tag, cat tag can be personalised so you can get your pet's name engraved on it.

This pack contains the large pet tag.

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