Luxury Soft Fabric 2 in 1 Cat Den

Luxury Soft Fabric 2 in 1 Cat Den

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  • Depth 43cm

Product Description

Luxury Soft Fabric 2 in 1 Cat Den

Accounting for your cat's need to both explore and to relax, this terrific Luxury Soft Fabric 2 in 1 Cat Comfort Den is sure to prove a big hit with your furry friend.

Able to provide a place to play, to curl up in private and to stretch out and luxuriate, the delightful Den is a true multi-purpose accessory for your pet.

When put up in its pyramidal shape, the Comfort Den offers a marvellously plush tunnel in which you cat can grab a quick nap in peace. If they're feeling more adventurous, meanwhile, they can also go climbing around the Den.

Quickly and easily, when desired, you can then unfold the pyramid and turn the item into a full size, snuggly blanket. That brilliant blanket can be popped wherever you wish and boasts a furry white top and chic grey base.

Machine Washable: 30 Degrees
Sizes Available:

  • 57 x 43cm

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