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Bob Martin Spring Puppy Chew Stop

Volume: 145ml

Product Code: PCD1478
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Bob Martin Spring Puppy Chew Stop

If your puppy's penchant for chewing anything and everything he or she can reach is making you despair, this handy bottle of Bob Martin Spring Puppy Chew Stop is exactly what you need to bring harmony back to your home.

All puppy's like to chew and don't automatically know the difference between their own toys and those things which could do without any little bite marks, but the Puppy Chew Stop spray helps to teach them in no time.

A specially formulated solution which is bitter and unpleasant to the taste but entirely safe for dogs and humans alike, your puppy will soon be put off from chewing furniture, shoes and anything else you spritz with the Puppy Chew Stop spray.

Manufactured by renowned and trusted pet brand Bob Martin, the spray comes in handy 145ml bottles and is a truly wonderful training aide.

Directions for Use

Simply test on a small area of any furniture or carpet to check colour fastness and then liberally apply where your puppy likes to chew. Verbal commands should also be used in addition to the spray to aid training out your puppy's desire to chew

Whilst the spray is entirely non-toxic it is very bitter tasting and as such should not be sprayed near human or animal food, near to food preparation areas or directly onto animals. The spray should also not be inhaled, swallowed or brought into contact with your eyes. If contact with eyes does occur, they should be thoroughly rinsed immediately and if the spray is inhaled medical advice should be sought. Wash hands after use.


  • 145ml
Product Attributes
Volume 145ml
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