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Dog Anti Chew

Dog anti chew spray on applicator is an effective way to discourage your dog from chewing on furniture legs, door frames, plastic dog beds and other valuable or expensive items in the home. Our anti chew products are especially good for puppies. As puppies go through a teething faze much like babies, chewing gives them relief from the discomfort of new erupting teeth. In some cases, i.e. boredom your pet can be at his most destructive. Anti-chew discourages this behaviour in both adult dogs and puppies alike.

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Johnsons Anti Chew Spray
Johnsons Anti Chew Spray Whether your puppy is teething or generally stressed or anxious, it's no..
€7.70 €6.15
Ex VAT: €5.00
Vapet Chew Stoppa Spray
Vapet Chew Stoppa Spray An easy and friendly way to protect furniture, curtains and other textiles ..
€9.75 €8.00
Ex VAT: €6.50
Bob Martin Spring Puppy Chew Stop
Bob Martin Spring Puppy Chew Stop If your puppy's penchant for chewing anything and everything he o..
€7.85 €7.30
Ex VAT: €5.94
Beaphar Pet Behave Training Spray
Beaphar Pet Behave Training Spray Nobody enjoys disciplining their feline friend or canine companio..
€8.30 €6.20
Ex VAT: €5.04