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Dog Flea Vaporisors

Dog flea vaporisers or flea foggers are the safe and convenient way to rid your home of fleas. We sell recognised brands such as Johnsons 4 flea’s room fogger which you place in the middle of your room close all windows release the trigger on the flea fogger then leave the room immediately closing the door behind you. The flea fogger vaporises the room killing all fleas and their larvae and is one of the best flea treatments for the home. Another great product for fleas in a house is the Flea Fumigator. It removes fleas but can also be used to remove other insects such as flies, bedbugs and ants from the home. If your house is infested with fleas consider any of these flea treatment products which can be bought online here at

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Flea Fumigator
Flea Fumigator The Flea Fumigator is a simple, hassle-free way to treat a room for fleas. Simply li..
€9.25 €7.40
Ex VAT: €6.12
Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Bomb
Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Bomb Are you looking for a quick and simple way to kill the fleas in you..
€12.65 €11.80
Ex VAT: €9.75
4Fleas Room Fogger Twin Pack
4Fleas Room Fogger Twin Pack 4fleas Room Fogger Room fogger (with I.G.R.) contains permethrin and s..
€19.25 €14.55
Ex VAT: €12.02
Based on 1 reviews.
Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Fogger - Twin Pack
Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Fogger - Twin Pack Fleas can thrive in clean and warm homes when they ju..
€23.25 €21.65
Ex VAT: €17.89
Johnsons 4Fleas Room Fogger
Johnsons 4Fleas Room Fogger Protect your house from fleas by using Johnsons 4Fleas Room Fogger in y..
€12.20 €9.35
Ex VAT: €7.73