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Dog Flea Powders

We're often asked the question "Can fleas live in carpet?". The answer to this question is Yes they can and do as carpet provides the ideal conditions for the development of fleas. Fleas do not live entirely on your dog but spend much of their life cycle in carpets, soft furnishings, pet bedding and other places where animals lie, causing constant re-infestation even in the cleanest of homes. Johnsons Carpet Flea Guard in one of the best flea treatments for carpet & occasional use is recommended to keep carpets and furniture free from unwanted fleas.

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Johnsons Carpet Flea Guard
Johnson Carpet Flea GuardWhen your dog or cat gets fleas they can easily transfer to carpets, furn..
€10.25 €7.90
Ex VAT: €6.42
Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Powder
Bob Martin Clear Home Flea PowderAll conscientious pet owners know how important it is to treat yo..
€9.80 €9.15
Ex VAT: €7.44