Rosewood Cherry BioSafe Dog Toy

Rosewood Cherry BioSafe Dog Toy

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  • Depth 9cm

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Rosewood Cherry BioSafe Dog Toy

Every dog loves a good game of tug of war and this magnificent Cherry Biosafe Toy lets you and your furry friend play to your hearts' content with no fear of nasty bacteria or other bugs spoiling your good time.

Boasting an adorable pair of cherries shape, each red cherry represents a perfect place to grab the toy and start tugging with the green stork providing the required give. The cherries are made from the ideal tough yet pliable plastic which will stand up to punishment whilst also massaging your dog's gums and cleaning their teeth.

Treated with a zesty fruit scent for added enjoyment, each Cherry Biosafe Toy is also protected by BioCote. BioCote is antimicrobial technology which helps to protect the toy against the action of bacteria, fungi, mould and other microbes. That ensures that the toy will last longer, stain less-easily and be generally more hygienic all round.

Pack Quantity: 1 chew toy

Safety Advice: Please also make sure that plenty of fresh water is available at all times.

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