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Cat Bedding

Take a look at our range of cat beds from the traditional donut cat bed to our hooded cat beds and cat cave beds. We also stock cat radiator beds for the cat who likes to be up high and warm while he rests. Purchase one of our ISPCA beds and you will be helping animals all over Ireland.

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Dreamy Cat Bed
Dreamy Cat BedThey're not called cat naps for nothing you know, and this terrific Dreamy Cat Bed p..
€31.70 €12.95
Ex VAT: €10.53
Grey Cream Spots Pet Bed
Grey Cream Spots Pet BedYou'll find it ever so simple to spot your pet if you treat them to this m..
€34.00 €21.90
Ex VAT: €17.80
Soft & Luxurious Cat/Dog Donut Bed
Soft & Luxurious Cat/Dog Donut BedA stylish and modern addition to the home of any animal lo..
Ex VAT: €15.53
Rosewood Bamboo Cat Pod
Rosewood Bamboo Cat PodIf you're looking for a chic and unique place for your cat to sleep, play a..
€66.65 €42.95
Ex VAT: €34.92
Grey & Pink Fleece Cat Pyramid
Grey & Pink Fleece Cat PyramidThe Ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two about keeping cats hap..
€33.40 €21.50
Ex VAT: €17.48
Luxury Soft Fabric 2 in 1 Cat Den
Luxury Soft Fabric 2 in 1 Cat DenAccounting for your cat's need to both explore and to relax, this..
€21.75 €14.05
Ex VAT: €11.42
Tweed Plush Cat/Dog Bed
Tweed Plush Cat/Dog BedIf you like your pet to have the best of everything, then this magnificent ..
€28.40 €18.30
Ex VAT: €14.88
Rosewood Bamboo Cat Tower
Rosewood Bamboo Cat TowerMake sure that your pet feels like the coolest cat around, by treating ..
€58.40 €37.60
Ex VAT: €30.57
Rosewood Grey Tweed Hooded Cat Bed
Rosewood Grey Tweed Hooded Cat BedModern, stylish and yet still superbly comfortable, this beaut..
€50.00 €36.40
Ex VAT: €29.59
Kitten Plush Cream Sleeper
Kitten Plush Cream Sleeper?Cat naps are ever so important for your furry friend, especially when t..
€27.90 €18.00
Ex VAT: €14.63
Soft Fabric Round Plush Cat Cave
Soft Fabric Round Plush Cat CaveOffering comfort, warmth and protection in one stylish package, th..
€33.40 €21.50
Ex VAT: €17.48
Rosewood Animal Print Pyramid Cat Bed
Rosewood Animal Print Pyramid Cat BedChic, unique and suitable for the fiercest of felines, this w..
€50.00 €32.20
Ex VAT: €26.18
Rosewood Hyena Print Sofa Pet Bed
Rosewood Hyena Print Sofa Pet BedIt might be hyenas themselves who are famous for their laughing, ..
€41.65 €26.85
Ex VAT: €21.83
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Snuggle Plush Cat/Dog Bed
Snuggle Plush Cat/Dog BedPerfect for puppies and pusses, this wonderful 40 Winks Plush Pet Bed pr..
€28.40 €18.30
Ex VAT: €14.88
Rosewood Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed
Rosewood Bamboo Radiator Cat BedTreat your pampered puss to the warmest and cosiest place to grab ..
€41.65 €26.85
Ex VAT: €21.83