Bucktons Budgerigar Food with Spiralife

Bucktons Budgerigar Food with Spiralife

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Bucktons Budgerigar Food with Spiralife

Treat an extra special winged buddy to food that they're sure to adore, in the shape of this specially formulated Budgerigar Food with Spiralife.

Produced especially with budgies in mind by renowned manufacturer Bucktons, the food is simply packed full of small ingredients that the popular birds are known to love and which provide vital nutrients and health benefits. Enriched with various vitamins and minerals, the top grade food contains dried carrot granules for added Vitamin C, calcium for healthy bones and beaks and Bucktons' very own Spiralife pellet. Created entirely with your feathered friend's overall health in mind, Spiralife supports a healthy immune system and strong digestion, and is also proven to enhance plumage.

This brilliant Budgerigar Food with Spiralife, then, really does offer all that your precious pet requires and comes in either a 500g or 20kg bag, both of which are full re-sealable for your convenience.

Sizes Available:

  • 500g
  • 20kg

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