Beaphar Dog Mouthwash

Beaphar Dog Mouthwash

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  • Volume 250ml

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Beaphar Dog Mouthwash

Bad breath can make even the most devoted dog owner shy away from giving their precious pooch a cuddle, but this brilliant Beaphar Dog Mouthwash can make your hound's halitosis a thing of the past.

It's bacteria and food particles in your dog's mouth that cause plaque to build up and it is that plaque which leads to tooth decay, unhealthy gums and other common causes of bad breath. This mouthwash is specially formulated to include enzymes which fight that bad bacteria and this combats plaque build-ups and the resulting bad breath.

Supplied in a 250ml bottle, the dog mouthwash is quick and easy to use and your furry friend won't even notice it. That's because all you need do is add 10ml of the mouthwash to 1000ml of their drinking water, and the mouthwash will go to work as and when your dog has a drink.

Volume: 250ml

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