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Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Junior
Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier JuniorComplete feed for dogs - Specially for Yorkshire Terrier puppi..
€20.28 €13.19
Ex Tax: €10.73
Puppy Coachies
Puppy CoachiesMake sure training is fun for both you and your faithful friend, by treating them to..
€2.10 €1.90
Ex Tax: €1.54
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Clix Whizz Click
Clix Whizzclick Training AidTraining your dog can be fun and rewarding with this unique training a..
€7.45 €7.15
Ex Tax: €5.81
Johnsons Moultone Bird Tonic
Johnsons Moultone Bird TonicMoultone Moulting Tonic A special tonic for birds in the moult. Helps ..
€3.45 €3.00
Ex Tax: €2.44
Johnsons Garlic Tablets
Johnsons Garlic TabletsA true multi-purpose dietary supplement for your dog or cat, Johnsons Gar..
€5.05 €4.60
Ex Tax: €3.74
VetIQ Teething Treats Puppies
VetIQ Teething Treats PuppiesJust as it can be with babies, teething can be painful and upsettin..
€3.95 €3.65
Ex Tax: €2.97
Royal Canin Starter Mousse
Royal Canin Starter MousseComplete dog feed for the bitch (gestation and lactation) and her puppie..
€1.95 €1.56
Ex Tax: €1.27
Beaphar One Dose Wormer Small Dogs & Puppies
Beaphar One Dose Wormer Small Dogs & PuppiesAn effective and proven one day treatment for tape..
€8.15 €6.50
Ex Tax: €5.28
Bob Martin Puppy Spot On 12 Week Protection (3 Pipette Pack)
Bob Martin Puppy Spot On 12 Week Protection (3 Pipette Pack)Fleas and ticks can make life unpleasa..
€13.70 €12.65
Ex Tax: €10.28
Rosewood 100% Natural Catnip Spray
Rosewood 100% Natural Catnip SprayGive your moggy a real treat and watch them go crazy for this br..
€5.45 €4.45
Ex Tax: €3.62
Rosewood Lint Roller Refills - 2 Pack
Rosewood Lint Roller Refills - 2 PackNo matter how much you might want them to, once your dog or c..
€3.25 €2.65
Ex Tax: €2.15
Ester Cage White/Colour Base
Ester Cage White/Colour BaseColour: White Dimensions:Height: 50cm Depth: 27cm Length: 40cm ..
€63.75 €49.80
Ex Tax: €40.49
Based on 1 reviews.
Royal Canin Mini - Digestive Care
Royal Canin Mini - Digestive CareRoyal Canin Mini - Digestive Care is an exceptionally delicious, ..
€28.99 €23.19
Ex Tax: €18.86
Finch Bamboo Nests
Finch Bamboo NestsExotic NestbambooDimensions: 9 x 10cm..
€2.95 €1.45
Ex Tax: €1.18
Mikki Matt Breaker & Replacement Blades
Mikki Matt Breaker & Replacement BladesMatt Breaker with replacement bladesEasy & effi..
€41.40 €35.55
Ex Tax: €28.90