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Vapet Chew Stoppa Spray
Vapet Chew Stoppa SprayAn easy and friendly way to protect furniture, curtains and other textiles ..
€7.55 €6.85
Ex Tax: €5.57
Johnsons Poultry Anti-Peck Spray
Johnsons Poultry Anti-Peck SprayIdeal for any owners of chickens or other poultry, this speciall..
€6.90 €5.20
Ex Tax: €4.23
Vitakraft Chinchilla Sand
Vitakraft Chinchilla SandDaily baths with Chinchilla Sand special by Vitakraft is essential for th..
€4.90 €4.50
Ex Tax: €3.66
Ancol Camouflage Cat Collar Black/White
Ancol Camouflage Cat Collar Black/WhiteProviding style to appeal to you as an owner and safety and..
€5.70 €4.95
Ex Tax: €4.02
Supa Superior Turtle Food
Supa Superior Turtle FoodTurtle Food Superior Mix 60g Food for Turtles & Terrapins ~ contains ..
€9.90 €8.60
Ex Tax: €6.99
Popular Bird Toy
Popular Bird ToyPopular Birdie toysRegular rotation of your pets toys can aid in stimulation..
€3.00 €2.35
Ex Tax: €1.91
Johnsons Concentrated Catnip Spray
Johnsons Concentrated Catnip SprayAll adult cats especially male cats find catnip irresistible, ki..
€7.75 €6.45
Ex Tax: €5.24
ArthriAid with Omega Gel 50mg
ArthriAid with Omega Gel 50mgArthri Aid Omega is a nutritional supplement in the form of an oral g..
€20.30 €17.40
Ex Tax: €14.15
Beaphar Calming Spot On for Cats
Beaphar Calming Spot On for CatsProven as a way of reducing stress, promoting calm and reducing th..
€11.20 €9.00
Ex Tax: €7.32
Hide Out Den Cat Scratching Post
Hide Out Den Cat Scratching Post?A veritable one-stop shop for all of your cat's entertainment nee..
€38.25 €31.25
Ex Tax: €25.41
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Bob Martin Clear Flea & Tick Spot On For Cats and Kittens (3 pipette pack)
Bob Martin FleaClear Spot On for Cats (3 Pipette / 12 Weeks)Bob Martin FleaClear Spot On Solution ..
€8.00 €7.40
Ex Tax: €6.02
Based on 2 reviews.
Beaphar Worming Cream For Dogs, Puppies, Cats & Kittens
Beaphar Worming Cream For Dogs, Puppies, Cats & KittensProtecting your furry friend from the..
€12.20 €9.75
Ex Tax: €7.93
Eirpet My Home Cat Collar
Eirpet My Home Cat CollarThe Eirpet "My Home" cat collar is inscribed with the words 'My Home' and..
€4.10 €3.75
Ex Tax: €3.05
Puppy Coachies
Puppy CoachiesMake sure training is fun for both you and your faithful friend, by treating them ..
€2.10 €1.90
Ex Tax: €1.54
Based on 1 reviews.
Johnsons Puppy & Kitten Trainer
Johnsons Puppy & Kitten TrainerPuppy & Trainer A useful aid for house training puppies. Id..
€7.35 €6.30
Ex Tax: €5.12