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Johnsons Puppy & Kitten Trainer
Johnsons Puppy & Kitten Trainer Puppy & Trainer A useful aid for house training puppies. Id..
€7.50 €6.40
Ex Tax: €5.20
Singing Chums Plush Toy
Singing Chums Plush Toy Sure to put your whole household well and truly into the festive spirit, th..
€11.20 €9.15
Ex Tax: €7.44
Pacdog - Rechargeable Advanced Bark Control Collar - 8 Levels
Rechargeable Advanced Bark Control Collar - 8 Levels No matter how much you love them, if your cani..
€99.00 €94.95
Ex Tax: €77.20
Mini Chew Stocking
Mini Chew Stocking Make sure your fur baby doesn't feel left out when the rest of your family are o..
€4.35 €1.00
Ex Tax: €0.81
Bob Martin Puppy Shampoo
Bob Martin Puppy Shampoo Ideal for puppies and younger dogs this 250ml bottle of unscented shampoo ..
€8.05 €7.50
Ex Tax: €6.10
Johnsons Budgie Seed Bell
Johnsons Budgie Seed Bell Seed Bell for Budgies, Parakeets etc. Selected seeds with honey. Individu..
€1.15 €0.95
Ex Tax: €0.77
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VetIQ Stool Firm Um
VetIQ Stool Firm Um Specially formulated to increase stool firmness, the proven VetIQ Stool Firm Um..
€7.75 €7.00
Ex Tax: €5.69
Kong Stuff'N Paste Puppy Treat
Kong Stuff'N Paste Puppy Treat KONG Stuff'N Puppy Easy Treat makes KONG stuffing easy. Simply apply..
€11.35 €9.65
Ex Tax: €7.85
Stick Munchies
Stick Munchies Small animals are constant nibblers and will chew on just about anything. It's a nor..
€2.10 €1.00
Ex Tax: €0.81
Natural Nippers Cuddle Plush Dog Toy
Natural Nippers Cuddle Plush Dog Toy If you're looking to enhance your pet's life and give them an ..
€6.15 €5.05
Ex Tax: €4.11
Snowman Balls
Snowman Balls They may seem a little aloof and reserved but scratch the surface and introduce the r..
€4.80 €3.90
Ex Tax: €3.17
Rosewood Bamboo Cat Tower
Rosewood Bamboo Cat Tower Make sure that your pet feels like the coolest cat around, by treating th..
€58.40 €42.50
Ex Tax: €34.55
Burns Weight Control Treats
Burns Weight Control Treats Whether your pampered pooch could stand to lose a few pounds or you're ..
€2.79 €2.50
Ex Tax: €2.03
Dog Beef Stick - Lamb Flavour
Dog Beef Stick - Lamb Flavour Beef-Stick ® Classic lamb A Vitakraft Beef-Stick ® can easily..
€1.15 €0.95
Ex Tax: €0.77
Burns Active - Chicken & Rice
Burns Active - Chicken & Rice Developed to meet the higher energy and nutritional requirement..
€59.79 €57.15
Ex Tax: €46.46
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