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Tall Turkey Tugger Toy
Tall Turkey Tugger ToyDistract your dog from the roast bird on your Christmas dinner table – at le..
€9.60 €7.85
Ex Tax: €6.38
Tropiclean Oatmeal & Tea Tree Shampoo
Tropiclean Oatmeal & Tea TreeShampooDirty doggies can be made a thing of the past thanks to th..
€12.35 €9.10
Ex Tax: €7.40
Tropiclean Fresh Breath Drops
Tropiclean Fresh Breath DropsA quick and easy way to keep your dog's mouth healthy and to prevent ..
€9.20 €6.80
Ex Tax: €5.53
Cheeko Figure 8 Knot Rope and Tennis Ball
Cheeko Figure 8 Knot Rope and Tennis BallDon't tie yourself up in knots trying to find the perfect..
€4.90 €4.15
Ex Tax: €3.37
Dog Car Boot Bed - Beige
Dog Car Boot Bed / Travel BedAre you tired of having your car dirtied by your dog when returning f..
€90.40 €77.05
Ex Tax: €62.64
Natural Nippers Shake and Rattle Dog Toy
Natural Nippers Shake and Rattle Dog ToyA fun and original choice of toy for any dog, this brillia..
€6.15 €5.05
Ex Tax: €4.11
Arthri Aid Tablets 120 Pack
Arthri Aid Tablets 120 PackArthri Aid is a nutritional supplement for cats and dogs which has been..
€70.30 €59.90
Ex Tax: €48.70
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Royal Canin Cocker Junior
Royal Canin Cocker JuniorComplete feed for dogs - Specially for English or American Cocker Spaniel..
€27.99 €27.15
Ex Tax: €22.07
Sherleys Tick Away
Sherleys Tick AwayTick Away Aids in the removal of ticks Non-insecticidal spray to aid the removal..
€9.90 €7.80
Ex Tax: €6.34
Tropiclean Puppy Water Additive
Tropiclean Puppy Water AdditiveIf you want your puppy to have healthy teeth and gums but don't muc..
€15.45 €11.40
Ex Tax: €9.27
Sugar Free Choc Drops Pouch
Sugar Free Choc Drops PouchGood Boy sugar free chocolate is the safe chocolate for dogs. Made from..
€3.85 €3.25
Ex Tax: €2.64
Johnsons Velvet Coat Shampoo
Johnsons Velvet Coat ShampooVelvet Coat Shampoo (with Lanolin) Adds lustre to coat. Replenishes na..
€5.35 €4.25
Ex Tax: €3.46
Cat Mate - 2 x Spare Magnets - Electromagnetic Flap
Cat Mate - 2 x Spare Magnets - Electromagnetic FlapIf you are a true pet lover with a whole menage..
€17.00 €13.05
Ex Tax: €10.61
Cigar Chew
Cigar ChewsMunchy Chew for dogs Promotes healthy teeth & gums Helps fight plaque and tarta..
€2.55 €1.65
Ex Tax: €1.34
Rosewood Dog Travel Drinking Bottle
Rosewood Dog Travel Drinking BottleWhether you're taking them on holiday with you or simply poppin..
€4.60 €3.80
Ex Tax: €3.09