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Clix Professional Whistle
Clik Professional Whistle A comfortable, ergonomic design producing a loud, clear whistle. Engineer..
€9.80 €9.40
Ex Tax: €7.64
ACME Shepherds Mouth Whistle
ACME Shepherds Mouth Whistle A traditional tool trusted by dog handlers and trainers for decades,..
€3.00 €2.70
Ex Tax: €2.20
Pacdog - Electronic Dog Fence Containment System - F200A Large or Stubborn Dogs
Electronic Dog Containment System - Large or Stubborn Dogs If you want to make sure your dog stays ..
€234.00 €228.00
Ex Tax: €185.37
FroliCat Bolt
FroliCat Bolt Bolt from FroliCat is an interactive laser toy for your cat. You can hold bolt in you..
€19.99 €16.35
Ex Tax: €13.29
Pet Corrector
Pet Corrector Snakes, insects and birds such as geese, use their hiss sound to drive off pred..
Ex Tax: €5.65
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PetSafe 3 Volt Battery
Petsafe 3 Volt Lithium Battery - RFA 188 The RFA-188 is a replacement 3-volt battery for various Pe..
€7.00 €6.40
Ex Tax: €5.20
Rosewood Training Clicker
Rosewood Training Clicker A training accessory which many dog owners simply swear by, clickers ca..
€3.25 €2.60
Ex Tax: €2.11
Pac Mini Small Dog Remote Trainer
Pac Mini Small Dog Remote Trainer Offering responsible pet owners superb control over their furry f..
€225.00 €217.80
Ex Tax: €177.07
Sportdog 450M Professional Dog Trainer
SportDog 450M Professional Dog Trainer This professional dog trainer from SportDog allows you to tr..
€199.00 €185.25
Ex Tax: €150.61
Clix Silent Whistle
Clix Silent Whistle This lightweight, compact, "silent" whistle is ideal for dog training, both ind..
€6.10 €5.80
Ex Tax: €4.72
Nobby Silent Training Whistle
Nobby Silent Training Whistle If you're sick of standing in the middle of the park screaming your..
€3.15 €2.95
Ex Tax: €2.40
Pac Medium Size Dog Remote Trainer
Pac Medium Size Dog Remote Trainer Manufactured and provided by dog behaviour and control system ex..
€225.00 €217.80
Ex Tax: €177.07
Nobby Plastic Whistle
Nobby Plastic Whistle No matter how much you love your four legged friend it can be really embarras..
€2.10 €2.00
Ex Tax: €1.63
Set Of Probes for Radio Fence Collar
Set Of Probes for Radio Fence Collar Set Of Replacement Probes for use with petsafe collars..
€5.00 €3.30
Ex Tax: €2.68
Good Dog Bark Control Collar
Good Dog Bark Control Collar Bark Control Collar The Bark Controller consists of a special r..
€65.00 €63.00
Ex Tax: €51.22
Based on 2 reviews.

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