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Double Sided Comb
Double Sided CombDual Comb for fine/medium coatsDual Comb for medium/coarse coatsRemoves loo..
Ex Tax: €11.59
Mikki Conditioning Shampoo
Mikki Conditioning ShampooConditioning ShampooReinvigorates dry/damaged coats Cleans, conditi..
€14.40 €12.35
Ex Tax: €10.04
Mikki Groom Scissors
Mikki Groom ScissorsCoat ScissorsIdeal for trimming your pet's coat Precise cutting blade for..
Ex Tax: €11.99
Mikki White Coat Dog Shampoo
Mikki White Coat Dog ShampooWhite Dog ShampooAdds brilliance and sparkle to any white coat Le..
€14.40 €12.35
Ex Tax: €10.04
Mikki Soft Slicker Brush
Soft Slicker BrushSoft Pin Slicker for fine/medium coatsRemoves dead hair from undercoat and t..
Ex Tax: €9.43
Moult Master
Moult MasterMoult Master“The best de-shedding tool on the market” - Alison Rogers, Grooming Ch..
Ex Tax: €25.53
Mikki Thinning Scissors 7"
Mikki Thinning Scissors 7"Single Thinning ScissorsGreat for thinning your pet's coat Suitable..
€23.15 €19.90
Ex Tax: €16.18
Mikki Nylon Fabric Muzzle
Nylon Fabric MuzzleDog MuzzleThe Mikki Muzzle is a lightweight, comfortable and a safe alternati..
Ex Tax: €10.69
Mikki Kitten Grooming Kit
Mikki Kitten Grooming KitHelps you to build a bond with your kitten Introduces your kitten to pamp..
€20.50 €17.20
Ex Tax: €13.98
Mikki Deluxe Flea & Tick Comb
Mikki Deluxe Flea & Tick CombFlea Comb traps and combs out fleas & their eggs.Directions..
€17.85 €15.05
Ex Tax: €12.24
Mikki Matt Breaker & Replacement Blades
Mikki Matt Breaker & Replacement BladesMatt Breaker with replacement bladesEasy & effi..
€41.40 €35.55
Ex Tax: €28.90
Mikki Two Door Dog Crate
Mikki Two Door Dog CrateThe Mikki Two-Door Pet Training Crates are the ideal training aid for your..
Ex Tax: €33.74
Based on 1 reviews.
Easy Clean Slicker
Easy Clean SlickerEasy Clean SlickerRemoves dead hair from undercoat and top coat Helps brush..
Ex Tax: €13.54
Based on 1 reviews.