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Beaphar Worming Syrup

Volume: 45ml

Product Code: PCD1656
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Beaphar Worming Syrup

Providing safe and effective treatment of roundworm, this superb Beaphar Worming Syrup lets you rest easy in the knowledge that your furry friend is fully protected from such nasties.

An oral solution containing piperazine citrate 9.4%, the Worming Syrup comes in a 45ml bottle, which represents one treatment for a 32kg animal or six treatments for a pet weighing approximately 5kg.

Chocolate flavoured to encourage your pet to eat it all, the syrup can be administered either directly into the corner of their mouth or onto their food. If giving the syrup directly to your pet, be sure to feed them straight afterwards to ensure that all of the syrup is ingested.

Worming Syrup bottles should be shaken before use and the proper dosage can be achieved by fitting the dispensing pump and then administering one full pump for each 0.9kg of bodyweight. The pump will need to be primed before use, by depressing the plunger slowly five times.

Able to be given to kittens and puppies aged two weeks or over, who will need treatments approximately every two weeks until three months old, the worming syrup is also suitable for adult cats and dogs, and should be given to them at 2-3 month intervals.

Volume: 45ml

Product Attributes
Volume 45ml
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