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Dog Worming

Protect your Dog and your family by regularly worming your pet. Not all dog owners are aware of the threat caused by worm infestations which in extreme cases can be fatal. Regular worming of your pet can prevent and treat worm infestations and when administered regularly will prevent re-infestation. Dogs often show little or no signs of infestation and almost all puppies are born with roundworms and worms can be transferred directly to humans. We stock a complete range of broad spectrum wormers which will treat and protect against tapeworms (inc.Eccinococcus), hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and lungworms. Signs of worms in dogs can include vomiting, diarrhoea and a pot belly in puppies and as infection develops some worm eggs may be shed in their faeces. Included in our range we have some of the best wormers for dogs which are available for purchase such as Drontal, Parazole and Exitel (the strongest dog wormer available without prescription). Regular flea treatment is also very important as fleas carry some tapeworms and if your dog ingests an infected flea while grooming they too can pick up the infection. Regular worm control is part of being a good dog owner.

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Bob Martin All in One Dewormer - Medium to Large Dogs
Bob Martin All in One Dewormer - Medium to Large DogsSuitable for medium to larger dogs, Bob Marti..
€15.90 €12.20
Ex VAT: €9.92
Drontal Plus Flavoured Worming Tablets - Bone Shaped
Drontal Plus Flavoured Worming Tablets - Bone ShapedDosage: One tablet per 10kg of body weight..
Ex VAT: €9.55
Based on 1 reviews.
Drontal Oral Suspension for Puppies
Drontal Oral Suspension for PuppiesDosage: 1ml per kg of body weightCan be given with or witho..
Ex VAT: €17.24
Bob Martin All in One Dewormer - Small Dogs & Puppies
Bob Martin Clear Wormer Tablets for Small Dogs & PuppiesIt is essential that you treat your puppy ..
€8.65 €6.65
Ex VAT: €5.41
Zerofen Wormer for Cats & Dogs (4 x 4g)
Zerofen Wormer for Cats & Dogs (4 x 4g)ZEROFEN 22% GRANULESPresentation: White to greyish-wh..
€10.50 €9.90
Ex VAT: €8.05
Kong Safestix
Kong SafestixKong Safestix are one of the toughest and most durable throw and fetch toys from Kong..
€12.50 €6.65
Ex VAT: €5.41
Endogard Plus - Flavoured Dog Worming Tablet
Endogard Plus Flavoured Dog Worming TabletEndogard Plus is the strongest dog wormer available with..
Ex VAT: €2.80
Based on 4 reviews.
Parazole Cat & Dog Wormer
Parazole Cat & Dog WormerParazole Oral Dog Wormer. Easy to use wormer for cats and dogs Us..
€15.75 €14.35
Ex VAT: €11.67
Based on 1 reviews.
Kong Stuff'n Snaps - Liver
Kong Stuff 'N Liver Snaps MiniKONG Stuff’N Liver Snacks are made with high-quality, natural ingred..
€7.35 €12.20
Ex VAT: €9.92