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Dog Treats

We stock an extensive range of dog treats and dog snacks which have been selected to compliment your dogs diet and taste. Every dog is different and so are their needs as are their tastes not only in food but also in treats. Taste, tecture, smell and size are all of importance to your pet and that is why we have selected over 100 different types of treat for you to choose from, including all natural, rawhide, meaty dog treats and a range of treats to freshen your dogs breath and promote healthy teeth. Whichever of our dog treats you choose you know you are getting the best treats for your pet while providing him/her with hours of chewing heaven.

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Shoe Chew
Shoe Chew Novelty shoe shaped rawhide chew for dogs Promotes healthy teeth & gums Helps fig..
Ex VAT: €0.69
Burns Sensitive Treats
Burns Sensitive Treats Just because your dog has sensitive skin or delicate digestion, it doesn't m..
€3.39 €2.90
Ex VAT: €2.36
Festive Allsort Gift Box
Festive Allsort Gift Box Selection boxes and tins of chocolates are all very well for humans but mu..
€9.00 €7.35
Ex VAT: €5.98
Ho Ho Ho Bones
Ho Ho Ho Bones If you're looking for a way to treat your canine chum this Christmas season, you nee..
€4.35 €3.55
Ex VAT: €2.89
Pointer Treats Assortment
Pointer Treats Assortment Liven up your dog's day or make training time that little bit more fun, b..
€3.85 €3.25
Ex VAT: €2.64
Goodboy Fresh Breath Roll
Goodboy Fresh Breath Roll White mint flavour for fresher breath Tasty treat which promotes healt..
€3.05 €2.60
Ex VAT: €2.11
Based on 1 reviews.
Pet Munchies Chicken Dumbbells
Pet Munchies Chicken Dumbbells A treat that your canine chum won't be able to wait to sink their te..
€4.60 €4.20
Ex VAT: €3.41
VetIQ Teething Treats Puppies
VetIQ Teething Treats Puppies Just as it can be with babies, teething can be painful and upsetting ..
€3.95 €3.65
Ex VAT: €2.97
Good Boy Christmas Festive Dog Cracker
Good Boy Christmas Festive Dog Cracker With their loud bang, Christmas crackers aren't usually any ..
€8.10 €6.60
Ex VAT: €5.37
Burns Training Treats
Burns Training Treats Designed to make training your dog more fun and more rewarding for all concer..
€1.29 €1.10
Ex VAT: €0.89
VetIQ Healthy Treats Breath & Dental for Dogs & Puppies
VetIQ Healthy Treats Breath & Dental for Dogs & Puppies Look after your furry friend's oral..
€4.15 €3.80
Ex VAT: €3.09
Mini Chew Stocking
Mini Chew Stocking Make sure your fur baby doesn't feel left out when the rest of your family are o..
€4.35 €3.55
Ex VAT: €2.89
Chewdles Chunks Beef Dog Treats
Chewdles Chunks Beef Dog Treats Tasty, nutritious and easily palatable, these superb Chewdles Chunk..
€2.50 €1.95
Ex VAT: €1.59
Cupid & Comet Christmas Dinner Dog Stocking
Cupid & Comet Christmas Dinner Dog Stocking Don't make a dog's dinner of buying your pet a gift..
€8.85 €5.99
Ex VAT: €4.87
Rawhide Candy Canes Bumper Pack For Dogs
Rawhide Candy Canes Bumper Pack For Dogs With all the rich and luxurious food around that they can..
€7.10 €5.80
Ex VAT: €4.72