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SmartBones Sweet Potato Mini - 8 Pack

Product Code: PCD1702
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 128g
Price: €7.50

Ex VAT: €4.59
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SmartBones Sweet Potato Mini - 8 Pack

No matter what their age, breed or size, your dog has a natural instinct to chew and treating them to these brilliant SmartBones Sweet Potato Dog Chews means that their instinct will be focussed positively and not lead to destruction around your home.

Chewing helps to keep your furry friend's mouth and teeth healthy by combatting the build-up of both plaque and tartar, which can lead to gum disease, bad breath and other similar complaints. These chews are specially designed to deliver exactly the chewing experience dogs need and to be delicious at the same time.

Provided in a handy pack of eight mini chews, each one is made with real sweet potatoes, chicken and other vegetables. That makes them easy to digest and utterly irresistible to your dog and also means that each mini-piece contains just 50 calories.

What none of the pieces contain, however, is rawhide. A traditional ingredient in such chews, rawhide is increasingly seen as posing potential canine health risks, meaning that these chews' composition is even more appealing.

Pack Quantity: 8

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