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Chocolate Treats

Dogs are attracted to chocolate due to its aroma or sweet taste and will often eat large quantities if available. Chocolate contains ingredients that can be dangerous to dogs, causing stomach upset, rapid heart rates and trembling and in the most extreme cases it has been known to be fatal. At Petcara all of our dog chocolate treats and chocolate dog bones have been specifically developed using a recipe that does not contain cocoa. Only treats free from cocao are completely safe chocolate for dogs to eat. Our Choc Drops have been blended with vitamins A, D and E for healthy skin, bone growth and eyesight. In addition to our range we now stock sugar free choc drops. You can feed it as a treat, reward or use them as dog training treats.

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Christmas Chocolate Orange Minis
Christmas Chocolate Orange Minis It may not be Terrys but it's also not yours this time around, as ..
€3.60 €2.95
Ex VAT: €2.40
Goodboy Choc Drops
Good Boy Choc Drops Good Boy Choc Drops contain safe chocolate for dogs. Made from a specially form..
Ex VAT: €1.71
Based on 1 reviews.
Christmas Bauble Buddies
Christmas Bauble Buddies Christmas is a time of great temptation for dogs as well as their owners, ..
€2.70 €2.20
Ex VAT: €1.79
Goodboy Christmas Dog Treaters
Goodboy Christmas Dog Treaters It's not only us humans who love to dip into a box of choccies over ..
€3.60 €2.95
Ex VAT: €2.40
Based on 1 reviews.
Choc Santas
Choc Santas Spare a thought for your dog while you're enjoying all those Christmas chocolates over ..
€5.40 €4.40
Ex VAT: €3.58
Sugar Free Choc Drops Pouch
Sugar Free Choc Drops Pouch Good Boy sugar free chocolate is the safe chocolate for dogs. Made from..
€3.85 €3.25
Ex VAT: €2.64
Cranberry Flavoured Choc Drops
Cranberry Flavoured Choc Drops Help your dog to get into the festive spirit and enjoy the holiday s..
€3.60 €2.95
Ex VAT: €2.40