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Tick Treatment

We're often asked "How do you remove a tick from a dog?" from worried pet owners who've found a tick on their dog. Sherleys Tick Away makes tick removal a piece of cake. You simply spray it on the tick for 3 seconds and within 3 hours the tick will fall away. If it doesn't then simply remove it with a tweezers. To prevent re-infestation of ticks, you can use one of our flea & tick collars.

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Sherleys Tick Away
Sherleys Tick Away Tick Away Aids in the removal of ticks Non-insecticidal spray to aid the removal..
€9.90 €7.45
Ex VAT: €6.06
Mikki Deluxe Flea & Tick Comb
Mikki Deluxe Flea & Tick Comb Flea Comb traps and combs out fleas & their eggs. Directions..
€17.85 €15.05
Ex VAT: €12.24
Bob Martin Clear Flea Comb
Bob Martin Clear Flea Comb There are few things more annoying for a pet or for their owners than th..
€4.65 €4.30
Ex VAT: €3.50
Johnsons Grooming & Flea Comb
Johnsons Grooming & Flea Comb Providing a quick and easy way to keep your furry friend's coat a..
€3.85 €2.90
Ex VAT: €2.36
Tick & Flea Comb
Tick & Flea Comb 2 in 1, Tick & Flea Comb: Quickly removes Ticks Easily removes Flea Eg..
€1.70 €1.50
Ex VAT: €1.22
Bob Martin Flea Spray for Home & Pet
Bob Martin Flea Spray for Home & Pet Bob Martin All In One Flea Spray When treating your pet f..
€15.35 €14.25
Ex VAT: €11.59