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Dog Beds

After a long day of playing or working dogs love somewhere comfortable and cosy to relax and have a snooze. We have a large range of dog beds to choose from. Select the dog bed that’s right for you and your dog, whether you are looking for luxury dog beds, leather dog beds, waterproof dog beds, plastic dog beds or just large dog beds were sure you’ll find what you are looking for. We even have a range of budget busting quality dog beds which are soft for your pet and soft on your pocket.

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Luxury Truffle Dog Bed
Luxury Truffle Dog BedA canine accessory designed with both pet and owner in mind, this fabulous L..
Ex VAT: €14.23
Grey Tweed Dog Cushion
Grey Tweed Dog CushionWhether they're young or old, big or small, every dog deserves a comfortab..
Ex VAT: €15.37
Ellie Grey Shield Dog Bed
Ellie Grey Shield Dog BedAn effortlessly elegant addition to any dog lover's home, the Ellie Grey ..
Ex VAT: €12.32
Rosewood Hyena Print Sofa Pet Bed
Rosewood Hyena Print Sofa Pet BedIt might be hyenas themselves who are famous for their laughing, ..
€41.65 €30.35
Ex VAT: €24.67
Based on 1 reviews.
Snuggle Plush Cat/Dog Bed
Snuggle Plush Cat/Dog BedPerfect for puppies and pusses, this wonderful 40 Winks Plush Pet Bed pr..
€28.40 €20.70
Ex VAT: €16.83
Grey & Pink Square Dog Bed
Grey & Pink Square Dog BedIf you want your pet to be able to relax in the utmost style, you ca..
Ex VAT: €15.37
Deep Tweed Oval Teddy Bear Dog Bed
Deep Tweed Oval Teddy Bear Dog BedSend your canine chum off to dreamland in the lap of luxury, by ..
Ex VAT: €17.48
Chillax Dog Cool Pad
Chillax Dog Cool PadWhen the temperature rises in the summer it can get really uncomfortable for y..
Ex VAT: €16.38
Based on 1 reviews.
Republic of Pet Tommy Blue Dog Bed
Republic of Pet Tommy Blue Dog BedThe absolute height of both comfort and style, this tremendous T..
Ex VAT: €21.83
Red Orthopaedic Dog Bed
Red Orthopaedic Dog BedYou might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can at least ..
Ex VAT: €30.73
Grey Jumbo Cord/Plush Dog Bed
Grey Jumbo Cord/Plush Dog BedIf you like to give your furry friend the best of everything, then th..
Ex VAT: €17.48
Republic of Pet Tartan Red Dog Bed
Republic of Pet Tartan Red Dog BedA stylish addition to your home which will also give your f..
Ex VAT: €28.29
Republic of Pet Tommy Red Dog Bed
Republic of Pet Tommy Red Dog BedIf you like your faithful hound to have the best, you can't go wr..
Ex VAT: €21.83
Ferry Luxury Dog Bed
Ferry Luxury Dog BedThis is the ultimate luxury dog bed for your pet. Designed to fit small and me..
Ex VAT: €21.34
Based on 1 reviews.
Grey Cream Spots Pet Bed
Grey Cream Spots Pet BedYou'll find it ever so simple to spot your pet if you treat them to this m..
€34.00 €24.80
Ex VAT: €20.16