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Clix Car Safe Harness
Clix Car Safe Harness The Clix Car Safe Harness from the Company of Animals provides the ultimate i..
Ex Tax: €15.04
Puppy Coachies
Puppy Coachies Make sure training is fun for both you and your faithful friend, by treating them to..
€2.10 €1.90
Ex Tax: €1.54
Based on 1 reviews.
Pet Corrector
Pet Corrector Snakes, insects and birds such as geese, use their hiss sound to drive off pred..
Ex Tax: €6.46
Based on 2 reviews.
Fantasy Flyer
Fantasy Flyer This aerodynamic retrieval toy flies over long distances, promoting fun and fitness i..
€10.80 €9.80
Ex Tax: €7.97
Based on 1 reviews.
Clix Canvas Training Dummy
Clix Canvas Training Dummy If you are looking to start retrieval training with your dog, then the C..
€9.80 €8.90
Ex Tax: €7.24
Clix Professional Whistle
Clik Professional Whistle A comfortable, ergonomic design producing a loud, clear whistle. Engineer..
€10.30 €9.80
Ex Tax: €7.97
Puppy Coachies Large
Coachies Puppy Training Treats 200g A firm favourite with many dog owners, Coachies have always bee..
€4.95 €3.95
Ex Tax: €3.21
Based on 1 reviews.
Green Slow Feeder Dog Bowl
Green Slow Feeder Dog Bowl The green slow feeder or interactive feeder is a revolutionary new desig..
€41.95 €37.25
Ex Tax: €30.28
Foobler Treat Ball
Clix Toilet Training Bells The Foobler is the solution to keeping your dog stimulated and engaged t..
Ex Tax: €29.31
Clix Clicker Trainer
Clicker Trainer No more shouting or yanking your dog around in the name of training. Clicker traini..
€6.60 €6.00
Ex Tax: €4.88
Based on 1 reviews.
Halti Headcollar - Black
Halti Headcollar - Black HALTI has become the world's favourite canine headcollar because it ..
Ex Tax: €13.58
Based on 2 reviews.
Halti Harness
Halti Harness Designed by Dr Roger Mugford, the HALTI Harness has a unique patented front att..
Ex Tax: €14.02
Based on 2 reviews.
Non Pull Harness
Non Pull Harness Who's walking who? If your dog has a way to go before they have got to grips wit..
Ex Tax: €15.24
Based on 9 reviews.
Lilly Brush
Lilly Brush The Lilly Brush "Be Forever Furless" is a re-usable pet hair and lint removal brush. Th..
Ex Tax: €11.06
Clix Long Line Lead
Clix Long Line Lead An important aid for use when recall training, the Clix Long Line Lead is extre..
€24.40 €24.25
Ex Tax: €19.72