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Whether you’re looking for dry cat food, canned cat food, healthy cat food or natural cat food we carry an extensive range of only the best cat food at Petcara. We have toys for cats, treats for cats and a large range of cat trees and scratching posts. Whether you have cats or kittens we have everything you’ll need from cat treats, cat beds, grooming products and medications such as cat wormers and cat spot ons.

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Beaphar Ear Drops - Dogs & Cats
Beaphar Ear Drops - Dogs & CatsExcess wax, debris and pesky ear mites can all cause itchiness,..
€7.65 €5.80
Ex VAT: €4.72
Tropiclean Lime and Coconut Shampoo
Tropiclean Lime and Coconut ShampooKeeping your pet's coat in tip top condition is crucial for ens..
€12.35 €9.10
Ex VAT: €7.40
FroliCat Dart Duo
FroliCat Dart DuoDart Duo from FroliCat is an interactive rotating laser toy for your cat. The Dar..
€34.99 €29.90
Ex VAT: €24.31
Royal Canin Digestive Care
Royal Canin Digestive CareBalanced and complete feed for adult cats Support of the digestive funct..
Ex VAT: €4.39
Fresh Breath Water Additive
Fresh Breath Water AdditiveBad breath isn't something that pets or their owners simply have to put..
€15.75 €12.85
Ex VAT: €10.45
Based on 2 reviews.
Beaphar Toothpaste For Dogs & Cats
Beaphar Toothpaste For Dogs & CatsKeeping your dog or cat's teeth clean and their breath fresh..
€8.40 €6.75
Ex VAT: €5.49
Kong Cat Wobbler
Kong Cat WobblerCat WobblerThe KONG Cat Wobbler provides beneficial mental and physical stimulat..
€28.20 €24.00
Ex VAT: €19.51
Plush Bird Cat Toy with Feathers
Plush Bird Cat Toy with FeathersAs you can see from the image, this plush toy bird for your cat is..
€3.55 €2.85
Ex VAT: €2.32
Beaphar Cleansing Eye Lotion - Dogs & Cats
Beaphar Cleansing Eye Lotion - Dogs & CatsBrilliant for helping to keep the eyes of both dogs ..
€10.45 €7.85
Ex VAT: €6.38
James Wellbeloved Turkey Adult Pouch - Grain Free (12 pack)
James Wellbeloved Turkey Adult Pouch - Grain FreeQuantity: 12 PackComplete dietetic wet feed for..
€12.00 €10.75
Ex VAT: €8.74
Rosewood Bamboo Cat Pod
Rosewood Bamboo Cat PodIf you're looking for a chic and unique place for your cat to sleep, play a..
€66.65 €48.55
Ex VAT: €39.47
Rosewood Pyramid Snuggle Plush Cat Bed
Rosewood Pyramid Snuggle Plush Cat BedThe Ancient Egyptians venerated cats as Gods, so it's only..
€41.65 €30.35
Ex VAT: €24.67
Pet Remedy Calming Spray 200ml
Pet Remedy Calming Spray - 200mlPet Remedy is a natural remedy for de-stressing and keeping your p..
€28.15 €24.30
Ex VAT: €19.76
Based on 2 reviews.
Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive (12 Pack)
Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive Quantity: 12 Pack Complete feed for catsSpecially for kittens and g..
€17.59 €14.05
Ex VAT: €11.42
Royal Canin Hair & Skin Care
Royal Canin Hair & Skin CareBalanced and complete feed for adult cats Skin and coat care and n..
Ex VAT: €4.39