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Beaphar Play Spray for Cats

Volume: 150ml

Product Code: PCC0271
Availability: In Stock
Price: €9.20

Ex VAT: €5.65
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Beaphar Play Spray for Cats

Tough tasks are often described as being as difficult as herding cats, but this tremendous Beaphar Play Spray for Cats is a training aid that really makes it easier for you to get your feline friend to toe the line.

Containing catnip oil which your pet will find irresistible, each 150ml spray can be liberally applied to their toys, scratching post or other items that you want them to pay more attention to. That means that they will find playtime far more enjoyable and also helps to ensure that they don't engage in any unwanted behaviour. A catnip infused scratching post, after all, should keep your cat and their claws away from your sofa!

Ideal for teaching young kittens or more rebellious cats where they should or shouldn't scratch, this superb Play Spray can also rekindle their interest in old toys and help them to amuse themselves when left on their own.

Volume: 150ml

Product Attributes
Volume 150ml
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