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FroliCat Dart Duo
€34.99 €29.90
FroliCat Dart
€28.99 €23.60
FroliCat Bolt
€19.99 €16.35
Beaphar Fresh Breath Spray
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Cat Deshedding

Shedding is a problem for cats and their owners and tends to be heaviest in Spring and Autumn, however indoor cats can shed year-round. Up to 65% of the hair a cat sheds is swallowed during self grooming, which results in the build up of hairballs. Every loose hair brushed is one less for your cat to swallow. One of the very best grooming tools for removing excess hair is the Furminator de Shedding Tool. Your cats will enjoy the free "back-scratching" that comes with these exceptional grooming products and you will be amazed at the results.

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Furminator Short Hair Tool Small Cats
Furminator Short Hair Tool Small CatsFor short hair cats up to 10 lbs 1.75" deShedding edge design..
€35.90 €32.00
Ex VAT: €26.02
Furminator Long Hair Tool Small Cats
Furminator Long Hair Tool Small CatsFor long hair cats up to 10 lbs 1.75"" deShedding edge designe..
€35.90 €32.00
Ex VAT: €26.02