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We have everything for pet birds and garden birds, from bird cages to bird tables, bird seed and wild bird peanuts to bird toys, medications and wormers. With hundreds of products to choose from, whether you have a budgie, canary or a parrot we have the right products for you at prices that you’re pocket will love.

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Savic Bird Bath
Savic Bird Bath BIRD BATH Plastic bath for birds. Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 12cm..
€3.30 €2.55
Ex VAT: €2.07
Based on 1 reviews.
Popular Bird Toy
Popular Bird Toy Popular Birdie toys Regular rotation of your pets toys can aid in stimulation..
€3.00 €2.35
Ex VAT: €1.91
Rachele Cage With Stand
Rachele Cage With Stand Dimensions: Height: 85cm Depth: 36cm Length: 59cm ..
€177.30 €138.40
Ex VAT: €112.52
Clipper Fountain
Clipper Fountain CLIPPER FOUNTAIN - available in Medium or Large Drinking fountain for birds Sizes..
Ex VAT: €1.06
Pet Remedy Diffuser Refill Pack 2 x 40ml
Pet Remedy plug in diffuser refill bottles (2 x 40ml) Pet Remedy is a natural remedy for de-stressi..
€32.50 €28.10
Ex VAT: €22.85
Deluxe Feeder & Door Clear
Deluxe Feeder & Door Clear Removable Deluxe feeder / drinker (Clip on) with spring loaded door ..
€3.75 €3.20
Ex VAT: €2.60
Budgie Fruit Cocktail
Budgie Fruit Cocktail In the wild, birds do not only eat seeds, but also need additional nutrients...
€3.20 €2.80
Ex VAT: €2.28
Johnsons Budgie Seed Bell
Johnsons Budgie Seed Bell Seed Bell for Budgies, Parakeets etc. Selected seeds with honey. Individu..
€1.15 €0.95
Ex VAT: €0.77
Based on 1 reviews.
Johnsons Moultone Bird Tonic
Johnsons Moultone Bird Tonic Moultone Moulting Tonic A special tonic for birds in the moult. Helps ..
€3.45 €3.00
Ex VAT: €2.44
High Back Feeders
High Back Feeders Assortment Hanging Bowls with Wire Holder, Plastic hanging high rear side and..
Ex VAT: €0.45
Based on 1 reviews.
Millet Spray Treat
Millet Spray Treat These delicious sprays are a stimulating and entertaining treat. a highly nutrit..
€1.95 €1.70
Ex VAT: €1.38
Cede Budgie Eggfood
Cede Budgie Eggfood Egg food for grass parakeets CéDé® egg food for grass parakeets is a feed s..
€8.65 €6.45
Ex VAT: €5.24
20kg Nyjer Seed
20kg Nyjer Seed Nyjer seed which is also known as Niger seed is a small, black seed native to Ethio..
€67.90 €51.20
Ex VAT: €51.20
Pennine Cage Fronts Canary
Pennine Cage Fronts Canary Aviary cagefronts made from strong hard drawn wire, zinc plated for long..
Ex VAT: €4.07
Stainless Steel Coop Cup With Hook
Stainless Steel Coop Cup With Hook Stainless Steel Coop Cup. With hook. Use for seed / water. Avail..
Ex VAT: €1.59