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We have everything for pet birds and garden birds, from bird cages to bird tables, bird seed and wild bird peanuts to bird toys, medications and wormers. With hundreds of products to choose from, whether you have a budgie, canary or a parrot we have the right products for you at prices that you’re pocket will love.

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Bucktons 6 Pack Fat Balls
Bucktons 6 Pack Fat Balls These fat balls from Bucktons are specially made to appeal to a wide vari..
Ex VAT: €2.30
Johnsons Poultry Anti-Peck Spray
Johnsons Poultry Anti-Peck Spray Ideal for any owners of chickens or other poultry, this specially ..
Ex VAT: €5.61
20kg Nyjer Seed
20kg Nyjer Seed Nyjer seed which is also known as Niger seed is a small, black seed native to Ethio..
€73.75 €55.60
Ex VAT: €55.60
Based on 5 reviews.
20kg Wild Bird Seed
20kg Wild Bird Seed Want to attract a wider variety of bird species? Birds will literally flock to..
€26.45 €21.00
Ex VAT: €21.00
Based on 6 reviews.
Wild Bird Ceramic Seed Feeder
Wild Bird Ceramic Seed Feeder Ceramic Seed Feeders 2 port Ceramic Seed Feeder Polystyrene tube with..
€17.35 €9.35
Ex VAT: €7.60
Bucktons No. 1 Mixed Canary Food
Bucktons No. 1 Mixed Canary Food Any devoted bird owner knows just how important it is to feed thei..
Ex VAT: €49.00
Scharpie Nest Building Material
Scharpie Nest Building Material Nesting Material Sharpie, cotton fibres Weight: 50g..
€1.30 €0.85
Ex VAT: €0.69
Johnsons Budgie Seed Bell
Johnsons Budgie Seed Bell Seed Bell for Budgies, Parakeets etc. Selected seeds with honey. Individu..
€1.15 €0.95
Ex VAT: €0.77
Based on 1 reviews.
Bucktons No. 1 Parrot Food
Bucktons No. 1 Parrot Food A top quality food that is as unique and as special as your feathered fr..
Ex VAT: €39.20
Johnsons Bird Tonic
Johnsons Bird Tonic Cage Bird Tonic A fine natural conditioner and pick-me-up. Rich in iron and sel..
€3.45 €3.15
Ex VAT: €2.56
Budgie Fruit Cocktail
Budgie Fruit Cocktail In the wild, birds do not only eat seeds, but also need additional nutrients...
€3.20 €2.80
Ex VAT: €2.28
Popular Bird Toy
Popular Bird Toy Popular Birdie toys Regular rotation of your pets toys can aid in stimulation..
€3.00 €2.35
Ex VAT: €1.91
Funky Bird Fatball Feeder
Funky Bird Fatball Feeder Give the local bird a treat that's sure to have them coming back to your ..
Ex VAT: €5.61
Johnsons Super Plume Spray
Johnsons Super Plume Spray Super Plume New ready to use pump spray. Enhances and beautifies natural..
€5.70 €4.95
Ex VAT: €4.02
Bucktons Canary Food with Spiralife
Bucktons Canary Food with Spiralife A top quality food befitting the most special of feathered frie..
Ex VAT: €2.70