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We have everything for pet birds and garden birds, from bird cages to bird tables, bird seed and wild bird peanuts to bird toys, medications and wormers. With hundreds of products to choose from, whether you have a budgie, canary or a parrot we have the right products for you at prices that you’re pocket will love.

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5 Pink Sheets Round
5 Kagesan Sheets RoundKagesan round Sandsheets to fit cage size 11"" diameter (28cm). Pk contains ..
€3.40 €1.49
Ex VAT: €1.21
Kabob for Cockateils, small & medium birds
Kabob for Cockateils, small & medium birdsKabob play and climbing toy is great for small &am..
€9.90 €3.00
Ex VAT: €2.44
Vitakraft Australian Cockatiel Food
Vitakraft Australian Cockatiel FoodVitakraft Australian Cockatiel Food offers the same variety of ..
€8.90 €7.90
Ex VAT: €6.42
Cede Parrot Eggfood
Cede Parrot EggfoodEgg food parakeets & parrots CéDé® egg food for large parakeets and par..
€9.50 €7.05
Ex VAT: €5.73
Johnsons Virenza Poultry Disinfectant & Cleaner
Johnsons Virenza Poultry Disinfectant & CleanerAnyone who keeps chickens knows just how crucia..
€10.05 €7.55
Ex VAT: €6.14
Canary Fruit Cocktail
Canary Fruit CocktailIn the wild, birds do not only eat seeds, but also need additional nutrients...
€3.55 €3.05
Ex VAT: €2.48
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Cage Cova 2 White/Colour Base
Cage Cova 2 White/Colour BaseSplit cage with divider suiable for CanariesColour: White Dimension..
€70.65 €55.15
Ex VAT: €44.84
Johnsons Iodised Condition Pek
Johnsons Iodised Condition PekIodised Condition Pek Contains iodine, grits, seaweed extract, calci..
€1.20 €0.55
Ex VAT: €0.45
Scharpie Nest Building Material
Scharpie Nest Building MaterialNesting Material Sharpie, cotton fibresWeight: 50g..
€1.30 €0.85
Ex VAT: €0.69
Vitakraft Bird Grit
Vitakraft Bird GritPremium Bird Grit. Helps to grind down food in the stomach. With grit and natur..
€1.90 €1.50
Ex VAT: €1.22
Napoli Weekend Feeder Inside
Napoli Weekend Feeder InsideNapoli Weekend Feeder fits most bird cages with moulded perch attched ..
€3.75 €3.20
Ex VAT: €2.60
Johnsons Poultry Housing Spray
Johnsons Poultry Housing SprayPoultry Housing Spray For the coops. HSE approved licensed product t..
€8.60 €7.75
Ex VAT: €6.30
Johnsons Anti Pek Pump
Johnsons Anti Pek PumpAnti-Pek Pump Spray An effective aid to help prevent feather plucking and se..
€6.15 €5.35
Ex VAT: €4.35
Bucktons Premium Wild Bird Food
Bucktons Premium Wild Bird FoodShow a whole world of wildlife that it is welcome in your garden by..
Ex VAT: €34.50
Natures Feast Supreme  Seed Blend + 2KG Extra Free
Natures Feast Supreme Seed Blend + 2KG Extra FreeThere are few more relaxing ways to while away a ..
€27.60 €21.60
Ex VAT: €21.60